The Greatest Singer

Bob Marley is arguably one of the best singers who ever lived. He may have passed away a long time ago but his music is still being played up to this day. He paved the way for reggae music to be recognized as a global phenomenon. In fact, a lot of reggae bars were built because of his influence. Most if not all has his face somewhere in the bar. Furthermore, some of today’s kids even know the lyrics to his songs even if they were made popular several decades ago. It means they appreciate his music so they bought his music. It’s no surprise how music stores still carry his music since they recognize he’s still very popular. Of course, it’s expected his popularity will remain that way for a very long time. The world knows how much of a global phenomenon he is. In fact, he still has his own official social media accounts. Of course, the accounts were made by his fans. His official Instagram account even has more than 3 million followers. That’s not bad for a singer who has passed away several years ago. He even has more followers than some singers who are alive. Of course, his followers are all active. They’re always anticipating the next post on his account for news about any new music from him.

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Want to be famous on Instagram Like Bob?

Speaking of Instagram, you probably have different purposes for creating an account. If it’s a personal one, you only want your friends to view it. However, if it’s a public one for a product or service you’re trying to promote, it’s important to get as many followers as possible. Good thing, you have the option of getting free Instagram followers. There’s no question people are going to think you’ve established a strong presence in your industry if they see you have a lot of followers. There’s a strong chance they’ll look into your past posts and even your website to know more about what you have to offer. However, the same can’t be said if people see you only have a few followers. They’ll probably think you only cater to a small market. It’s not a good idea to be contented with that. It would be a lot better to lots of people and produce great content. If people like your content, they won’t hesitate to share it.

It’s no secret Instagram is quickly becoming the most popular social media platform today especially with the introduction of Instagram stories. Even if Facebook bought it, new features are still being introduced and it’s only helped its popularity. Of course, there’s a reason why a multi-million dollar company like Facebook bought it. Mark Zuckerberg realizes the potential of the app so he made a smart move. Besides, it won’t take long to download it. When you do, you can easily update your friends on what you’re up to. Don’t assume people you know like your grandmother don’t have Instagram. You may be surprised one day when you see them watching Instagram stories of their favorite celebrities.

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