May 18th, 2013
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Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.” ~Plato

Our TrueLoves are our inspiration.  They give us all here at 1Love hope that together we can work for a better tomorrow.

dylan5Our TrueLoves are always excited to share their personal stories with us about how One Love and Bob Marley inspires them. They tell us their beautiful life experiences, share beautiful photos and for some, even songs, all expressing the love, the hope and inspiration 1Love thrives on.


We were sent this song from one of our TrueLoves, Dylan Thomas Seals, from Vermont singing an original piece about Bob Marley titled “Thank you Mr. Marley.”  We asked Dylan to tell us the story behind the song and how he became inspired by Bob Marley.

The fact is in our relatively short time here, we all as people will face hardship, pain, suffering and death but life is a gift to LOVE and Cherish!
I’ve been a musician two thirds of my life and sometimes in life, we take some things for granted. I was no different but your life can change in a split second.

dylan2In my case, falling from a second story balcony. I broke my back and shattered my hand in the fall. My prospects of playing guitar at that point seemed very slim. After that I’ve endured several surgeries and chronic pain issues with depression but HOPE and determination overcame my obstacles. 


Well LIFE may get you down but like Bob said “in remembrance of today is the sad feeling of tomorrow,” “seize your time,” “how quickly have to pass.” 
On May 2, up late, I had what many would claim was sleep deprivation but was actually a visit from one of my strongest musical mentor’s, Mr. Marley!

dylan4In my ear as clear as I write these words, his voice said “so you’re gonna be the Black Sheep Son well this what you’re gonna say for me.” He is pretty much like the Rastafarian father I never had and scolded me. With words and music comes power, power to change yourself and others!


To grasp a feeling and a concept in this short song, the words of a prophet sing the simple message “ONE LOVE.”  Thank you Mr. Marley


~Dylan Thomas Seals a.k.a. Black Sheep Son

Dylan is currently playing in a called band “Black Sheep Son” in Vermont! They are writing their 3rd album.


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  1. Patty Gorton says:

    Wow don’t really know what to say. D your my best Friend and your so good at your music and when you sing to me I get speechless don’t ever give up. I Love you and I’m here for you always

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