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The Legacy Of Bob Marley Continues

by Dan

Bob Marley was one of the greatest and most influential singers in the history of the world. Even today his legacy still lives on as one of the prime elements of the Rastafari movement and is also adored by modern enthusiasts of the hippy and spiritualist movements.

One of the most interesting and effective ways that Bob Marley, along with many other popular icons of the past, remains relevant today is through social media. The so-called landscapes of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are filled with fan pages with millions of followers all loyal to the message of this great man.

This article will explore Bob Marley’s enduring legacy in today’s world and will look at how social media, specifically Instagram, can be an amazing platform to preserve the spirit of a person or age. It will also provide tips and advice for anyone reading who would like to do a similar thing with an artist or idea of their choice.

Bob Marley’s Legacy

Even today we can hear the peculiar, syncopated style of reggae music played and sung in bars and concert halls. This type of music attracts a particular crowd, those who are still loyal to the message of love, peace, and emancipation that Bob Marley always preached.

In the contemporary mazes of corporate skyscrapers and merciless competition, there remain a group of people dedicated to preserving the ideals of human connection and spiritual evolution.

Marley was his own kind of genius. Although he was not a physicist or mathematician, one could say he was the most advanced form of a scientist: a scientist of the human heart. He understood how our souls become hardened through life and knew that the only cure for that was love and spiritual devotion.

Thanks to the preservatory spirit of our age and the abundant points of access to information it allows, this legacy has been preserved by many people across the world. Stop someone in the street and ask them who wrote and sung No Woman No Cry. I bet they will know.

How Was Marley’s Legacy Preserved?

Although due credit goes to offline means of remembrance such as the continual performance of his music and the passing down of his legacy from one generation to the next, it cannot be denied that the Internet remains as perhaps the most supreme way of preserving anything in the contemporary age.

This applies also to Bob Marley. If you hop over to his Instagram fan page at https://www.instagram.com/bobmarley/, you will notice just how many followers it has. Couple that with the immense numbers of likes on the posts there and you will see just how powerful the Internet can be as a tool of preservation.

Bob Marley Instagram Followers

The Instagram fan page posts things that fans love and relate to regarding Bob Marley’s life and work, and they, in turn, show their love and appreciation by following, liking, and commenting. With this kind of reciprocal relationship, it is likely that a person such as Marley will not be forgotten for a very, very long time.

Can I Do Something Comparable?

After reading the above text, you may be curious to know if it is possible for individuals or smaller groups to make efforts towards the preservation of beloved cultural icons. Well, it is possible, but difficult. Why?

It is difficult because the way that social media websites such as Instagram nowadays are set up in a way that makes it difficult for new and developing accounts to gain popularity. In turn, most of the popularity goes to already popular big brands and people. Thus, if one wants to make an Instagram account and use it for a good cause such as the preservation of cultural history, a remedy is needed for this.

Of course, the traditional advice still applies. Relevant posts and frequent posting go a long way to improve your popularity, but it is also good to consider a service such as ProjectInst. These types of services provide you with Instagram followers free of charge and thus allow your Instagram page to become more popular, spreading your message.

It is very difficult to get to the number of followers compared to the fan page of Bob Marley that we have mentioned, but it is possible. And today with services such as ProjectInsta which provide you with free Instagram followers, good causes such as this have more and more support.


Bob Marley Legacy

Although using services that give you free Instagram followers may feel cheap, consider what is the reason you are doing it for. If Bob Marley’s fan page did not have the number of followers it does, then it is unlikely that we would be talking about it here today.

In the name of preserving valuable people and ideas, in today’s market, it is necessary to employ some measures which, in a better world, would not be necessary. Who knows what other good uses can be found for services which give you free Instagram followers?

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